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Why am I?

The question “Why am I” is more critical than “Who am I”. Why I came to this planet? What is the purpose of my existence? Am I doing the job for what I have been sent on this earth? The answer to these questions is not as simple as question looks. Thousands of sage and philosophers spent their entire life to find the answer and most of them failed. Honestly, I am also searching for the answer.

When a farmer plant 20 seeds to grow oranges, his entire efforts are to get best oranges from all the trees but in spite of growing on the same field, using same type of seeds, on similar soil, using samewater and fertilizer, each tree gives different quality and quantity of oranges. The reason for this differentiation is beyond comprehension. But one thing is sure; the purpose of every seed is to become the best tree and purpose of every orange to become the best orange.

If we apply the same logic, purpose of our existence is to become best human being and best in our field. If you are a farmer, become the best farmer and if a janitor, become the best janitor. The problem with us human being is, we focus less on our present role and keep on thinking more about future by comparing or criticizing others. We focus less on task-in-hand and waste our creativity in performing irrelevant tasks. We focus less on our circle of influence and interfere more on circle of no concern.

The best way to know “Why am I here” is to focus on present role, discharge present duty as diligently as possible, keep enhancing present capabilities and expanding level of wisdom. As you walk on right path, vision will keep becoming clear and destination more certain.

5 Tips to find your purpose:

1. Find out your present role/current duties and do it diligently.
2. Keep enhancing your abilities and wisdom, which will help in getting clarity about future path.
3. Find a Guru or mentor to get guidance about personal and professional life.
4. Look at others to get inspiration without envy.
5. If you are not getting answer of “Why am I”, don’t worry. Keep walking on the right path.


सदा सुपथ पर ही रहे, लेकर अपना आज।
मैं क्यूँ हूँ इस प्रश्न का, खुल जायेगा राज ।।


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