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Don’t be Just Human. Be Dev

Indian astrology has divided entire human race in 3 categories depending upon their basic qualities like:
1. Dev (Angel)
2. Manav (Human)
3. Raakshass (Demon)

If you want yourself to be remembered in the history, then either be Dev or Raakshass. Normal human being has never been remembered. We remember Ram-Ravana, Krishna-Kans, Arjun-Duryodhan and Gandhi-Hitler. Normal human being has to remain at mercy of both Dev and Raakshass. Raakshass wants to kill and Dev wants to protect. In a fight of Dev and Raakshass, normal human beings are crushed. Every one of us has all the 3 characters sitting within. Who will become strong depends upon to whom we feed more. As per Indian mythology, Dev are more powerful than Raakshass as they use power for good whereas Raakshass use power for bad/destruction. It is a rule of nature that weak shall not survive.

The message of Ahimsa (non-violence) by Buddha, Mahavir and Gandhi is misunderstood by the masses. Non-violence does not mean to be weak and not to protect self. Protection is basic need of all. How it is possible that such great philosophers will give us the message to stay weak. Dev and Raakshass both gather power but the intentions of both are different. Gain and gather high power. Be powerful but keep your intentions like Dev. Use power to save weak & kill the Raakshass/evil. It’s an eternal fight everywhere around as well as within. Continuously move towards becoming Dev. Being human means becoming Dev.

5 tips on how to become Dev:

1. Dev and Raakshass both collect ASTRA (weapons) to be powerful. In modern world main Astra/weapons are money, political and bureaucratic power, fame and social contacts. Collect it as much as possible but through good means and with good intentions.
2. To become powerful one need to be fearless. Strong character makes one fearless. Never compromise with principles otherwise you will have money, power and fame but fear within.
3. In today’s world creating social network is not difficult. Connect with good powerful people.
4. Whatever the capabilities you have, help and train your surrounding people to become Dev from Manav. They will become your force in future.
5. Utilize your power to protect weak and fight with Raakshass. Demonstrating your power is as important as having it. Raakshass outside and within should know that you are more powerful than them.


कुछ भी हासिल है नहीं , बनकर मानव – मात्र।
देव बन इस जीवन में , बने प्रशंसा – पात्र।।


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