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CA Hemant Kumar Lodha (Jain) born on 12th June 1956 at Jodhpur is Chartered Accountant and presently working as Managing Director at Environment Division of SMS group. He has widely travelled across the globe. He is business leader, social worker and author. As business leader he has worked in various industries, various capacities and various countries. As a social worker he is attached to many social initiatives including founder of Helplink Charitable Trust, Chair HRD forum Vidarbha Industries Association, Chair Civillines Association Nagpur, Chair Vidarbha Literary Festival etc. As a writer and author his 11 books published so far.

Words of Wisdom: Collection of quotes, stories, poems and cartoons arranged key word wise.

Nectar of Wisdom-1: 108 blogs on personal and professional life with 5 tips on each page.

A to Z of Entrepreneurship: 26 A to Z qualities needed to become successful entrepreneur.

भगवद्गीता रुपकविता: श्रीमद्भगवद्गीता के ७०० श्लोकों का ७०० सरल हिंदी दोहों में रुपांतरण

अष्टावक्र महागीतारुपकविता: अष्टावक्र महागीता के २०६ श्लोकों का २०६ सरल हिंदी दोहों में रुपांतरण

कही-अनकही: स्वरचित दोहे, हाइकु व कविताओं का संकलन.

Nectar of Wisdom 2.0: 104 blogs on personal and professional life.

Chanakya Niti- 170 sloks of Sanskrit translated in Doha, Hindi and English.

Samansuttam: Essence of Jainism in 756 sloks of prakrit and Sanskrit translated to Doha, Hindi and English

A to Z of Leadership with co-author Shweta Mor: 26 qualities needed to be an effective leader.

5 Elements of Organisational Excellence with co-author Dr. Ashutosh Paturkar


Acknowledgements from Author:

Mr. John Vijayrangam helped me in developing my interest in reading and trained me in communication skills.

Dr. Aditya Tiwari is my life coach.

Mr. Avinash Bagde taught me how to write doha, haiku etc and edits my all poetic work.

In different books different people helped me in editing, printing and publishing. I shall be indebted to all for life.

Without support of them, my journey on path of spirituality was not possible.

I am thankful to my parents, wife, children and extended family and friends for all kind of support.
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