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When to bed, when to rise …
Teacher says ‘Early to bed and early to rise, make healthy, wealthy and wise’ but child see at home that his parents are healthy wealthy and wise but they believe in late to bed and late to rise. Question is whether child get confused in what is taught at school and what he learns at home. Yes and No both. Depends on how understanding and enlightened are his parents.

As long as couple has same habit about partying late or going bed early, no issues but some one said, in a party 50% people want to leave early and 50% want to enjoy till early morning and unfortunately they are married to each other. Polar opposite can become main cause for frustration in relationship.

In my opinion there is no golden rule in present era where both partners are working hard during day time and they want to have some relax and happy time in the night with their friends and family. But one can not forget and ignore ailing parents at home or early morning school going kids or strict morning times at job.

5 Tips to decide about when to bed and when to rise:
1. There is no denial that early rising is good for health and keeps the day more effective, still it depends on each persons circumstances.
2. Synchronisation between husband and wife about sleeping and rising time is one of the important factor for healthy relationship.
3. Good news is body is flexible enough to develop any habit in 21 days routine.
4. Accommodate the needs of other members of family in your routine. Do not be selfish.
5. Weekdays and weekends can be treated separately.

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