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To Standout, Be Outstanding
Who doesn’t want to standout? Even the spiritual guru also wishes that he becomes the best yogi and is known to as many people as possible. A fruit or a flower wants to standout so that it gets attention of all. Most ladies dress and apply make-up and wear jewellery so that they standout in the crowd.

To standout one needs to be outstanding. To become outstanding one can focus on 4 aspects of his/her personality. Mind, Body, heart and soul. The most visible part of the personality is body. Though the body is genetically given by Parents, a person can use clothing, makeup, jewellery etc to standout. These are the most basic methods of efforts to standout. Let us term it is PQ- Physical Quotient. PQ plays critical part in outstanding performance. Physical appearance is first impression. Study shows that average height of great leaders in the world is more than average of general population. Though height is given by God but we can make efforts to present ourself better by having proper clothing and right body language.

The second level of efforts are in the area of intelligence (IQ). In initial years we make all out efforts to get first class first in class and give outstanding results to our parents. At later stage when we go for professional studies we make efforts to become best professional in whatever area we chose. IQ gets improved by formal education and experience. The real race starts when we start our career. The canvas become bigger and requires continuous focused efforts to perform outstandingly. As we go higher, space becomes narrower and competition becomes tougher. It is not necessary that if at education level you were gold medalist but in career also you will be number one.

The next aspects of personality is emotions and relationships (EQ). Nowadays emotional intelligence is more crucial than IQ. Whether at home or at work, one needs to have strong relationships so that one can maximise results through collaboration. It is easy to develop intellectual skills but difficult to learn emotional skills. Emotional skills are mostly derived from basic nature and behavioural pattern though with training and practice some of these pattern can be modified and emotional skills can be improved. Most of the people may be emotional but very few are emotionally intelligent.

The last aspect of personality is spiritual quotient (SQ). To be spiritual means when one can realise the importance of higher spirit, the ultimate creator and tries to connect his/her soul with supreme soul in whatever way he feels appropriate.

To be outstanding is developing all 4 aspects and having highest average of all 4 quotients. PQ, IQ, EQ and SQ.


धर्म कर्म बुद्धि समझ, और दरस छविदार।
अलग भीड़ में हम दिखें, इतना ही है सार।।


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