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Worry is like building a high tower with blocks of negative emotions. Holding negative thoughts in mind makes people depressed. In reality, worry might be an imaginary situation which either does not exist or is actually better than thought of. Anxiety is not bad to a certain extent. In fact, it’s a good tool to check over confidence or over enthusiasm. But, as soon as it crosses a line of control, it starts causing stress and eventually leads to poor health.

One can face worry due to ‘n’ number of reasons such as failure in exam, ill health, breakup in relationship, lack of timely completion of work and boss’s anger. There is a saying that “If a problem can be solved then there is no need to worry however, if it cannot be solved, then what’s the use of worrying”. There is a great difference between worry and concern. To illustrate, worried person sees a problem, while concerned person solves the problem. Basically worry is an interest paid on trouble before its maturity.

5 Tips to Manage Worries:
1. Do not assume. Check the facts.
2. Ask yourself “What is the worst can happen.
3. Accept the situation.
4. Try to think of innovative solution of a problem and proceed calmly to improve the situation.
5. Take help of experts.


चिता न चिन्ता बन सके, कर देगी कमज़ोर।
चिंता का कर के दहन, चिंतन पर हो ज़ोर।।


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