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Mr. Hemant Lodha, a chartered accountant by profession is an avid reader whose library interests include philosophy, spirituality, relationship building, leadership skills & management skills. Born in Jodhpur, to a respected family of limited means, he has been all over the globe before settling in Nagpur in 2002.

He has authored many books such as ‘Words of Wisdom’, ‘Nectar of Wisdom’, ‘Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta Roopkavita’, ‘Ashtavakra Mahageeta Roopkavita’, ‘Kahi Ankahi’, ‘Samansuttam’, ‘Chankya Niti’ ‘A to Z Entrepreneurship’ ‘A to Z of Leadership’.

Being socially active, he is associated with several organizations and has founded “Helplink Charitable Trust” with a motto to LINK THE NOBLE AND THE NEEDY, mainly working in the field of education for deprived children.

He is presently working as a Managing Director of SMS Envocare Limited, a group company of SMS Limited.

He can be easily reached at

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