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“Five elements of organizational excellence” is not a typical strategic management text book. But it captures nuances of strategy as taught in any of the strategy courses. Discussions on strategies and their impact on the five elements are quite insightful.

Organizations can sustain and grow by Quality of their product, Quantity in terms of market share and Quickness in responding to the dynamic business environment. To excel on these objectives, Strategy, Structure, System, Resources and Relationships are the five pillars. Adding production processes to improve the quality of product is another dimension in the book. While emphasising the importance of quality of the product, authors have pointed out that the quality is no more a production function but a strategic function, in chapter on systems. The book provides insight into how to systematically improve the quality of product.

Organizations employ multiple strategies to achieve their goals. This book discusses these strategies and their impact on quality, quantity and quickness. The tabulation of impacts is yet another feature of the book. Book also discusses major frameworks used in strategy evaluation.

The frameworks discussed in the strategy course, as has been pointed out in the book, cannot be used alone. The strategy evaluation is the most critical phase of strategic management process and authors have done a wonderful job in suggesting the combination of frameworks to evaluate the strategy.

The strategy practitioners should understand that each organization must formulate its own “Five elements of organizational excellence”. The elements are basic, but the combinations will have to be unique for the organization. I hope this book will give readers an understanding of what makes an organization not only sustainable but grow and develop unique approach towards excellence.

There is dearth of meaningful literature to highlight the above aspects, which makes this book useful for students and practitioners alike.


Prof. Krishna Kumar
Former Director, IIM Kozhikode
Former Professor and Dean (AA), IIM Lucknow

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