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Chance to do something

A time when a particular situation makes it possible to achieve something

A pessimist is one who finds difficulty in any opportunity. An optimist is one who converts every difficulty into opportunity.

A pessimist who says ‘0’ is the last letter in ZERO in stead of first letter in Opportunity.

All of us do not have equal talent but all of us have equal opportunity to develop talent.

Alphabet ‘0’ stands for opportunity which is absent in yesterday, ~ available once in tOday & thrice in tOmOrrOw.

Don’t sit down and wait for the opportunities to come; you have to get up and make them.                                                                          – Madame C. J. Walker

Drop of Water falls on Lake, loses Identity. Falls on the Lotus, Its Shines,

If on Shell, It becomes Pearl, Drop is same but Company matters.

Every problem is just an opportunity waiting to be made use of.

If you ever feel in life that all doors are closed, remember these words, “Closed door is not always locked.”

If you miss an opportunity, do not cloud your eyes with tears. Keep your vision clear so that you will not miss the next one.                            –  Brahma Kumaris

It is better to be prepared for an opportunity and not have one than to have an opportunity and not be prepared.

Life does not provide warranties and guarantees. It only provides possibilities. Do not miss them.

Life is like a flowing river of opportunities, it is up to you to stand up with a bucket or spoon.

Lucky means who get the opportunity, Brilliant means who create the opportunity, Winner means who use the opportunity.

Open the windows of your mind and let the wind of opportunities come in.


Opportunities are in abundance, takers are few because it requires vision and wisdom for right selection of opportunity.                                   – Hemant C. Lodha

Opportunities are always bigger on their way out then on their way in.

Opportunities are like ice, grab it before it melts.

Opportunities are like morning dew, to catch one you have to wake up early while the world is busy in sleeping.

Opportunities are often things you haven’t noticed the first time around.

Opportunities to find deeper powers within ourselves comes when life seems most challenging.

Opportunity dances with those who are already on the dance floor.

Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls & looks like work. It often comes in the form of misfortune, or temporary defeat.

Opportunity may knock only once, but temptation leans on the doorbell.

People Say:-“Success Knocks Your Door Once”.. But Achievers Say “Knock The Door Of Failure Till You Meet Success..,”

Small opportunities are often the beginnings of great enterprises.

– Demosthenes

Success has only one formula. “Stop thinking in terms of limitations and start searching for possibilities.”

The opportunities are there all the time. It is our burning desire that enables us to see them.          .

When one door of happiness closes; another opens; but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which has been opened for us.

– Helen Keller


Own land by walking in a day

There is a story about a wealthy farmer who was once offered all the land he could walk on in a day. Provided he came back by sundown to the point where he started. To get a head start, early the next morning the farmer started covering ground quickly because he wanted to get as much land as he could. Even though he was tired, he kept going all afternoon because he didn’t want to miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to gain more wealth.

Late in the afternoon he realized the condition he had to fulfill to get the land was to get back to the starting point by sundown. His greed had gotten him far enough. He started his return journey, keeping an eye on how close he was to sundown. The closer it got to sundown, the faster he ran. He was exhausted, out of breath and pushed himself beyond the point and died. He did make it before sundown. He buried and all the land he needed was a small plot.


Master of human destinies am I;

Fame, love and fortune on my footsteps wait.

Cities and fields I walk. I penetrate

Deserts and seas remote, and, passing by

Hovel and mart and palace, soon or late,

I knock unbidden once at every gate.

If sleeping, wake; if feasting, rise, before

I turn away. It is the hour of fate,

And they who follow me reach every state

Mortals desire, and conquer every foe

Save death; but those who hesitate

Condemned to failure, penury and woe,

Seek me in vain, and uselessly implore.

I answer not, and I return no more.

– John James Ingalls

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