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A recurrent, often subconscious pattern of behavior that is acquired through  frequent repetition

Anything we do repeatedly becomes habit, control of doing moves from conscious mind to sub conscious mind.

Bad habits are like comfortable bed, easy to get into but hard to get our.

Break the leg of a bad habit.                                            – Puerto Rican Proverb

Habits are a matter of the pain and pleasure principle. We do thing either to avoid pain or to gain pleasure. So long as the gain is more than the pain, we continue with the habit. But if pain exceeds the gain, we drop it.

Habits can be developed by default or determination.

Habits start by being too weak to be felt, and end up becoming too strong to get out of.

If we remove H from Habit, A Bit is there, remove A bit is there, remove B, IT is still there.

It takes 21 days conscious effort to change even a 21 year old habit.

– Hemant C. Lodha

Most of the troubles in life are the result of saying ‘yes’ too soon or ‘no’ too late.

Nothing is worst than habit of doubt.

Practice makes perfect… so be careful what you practice.

To be powerful is to destroy unwanted habits.

We first make our habits, and then our habits make us.                  – John Dryden

Winning does not always means being first. Winning means doing better than you have ever done before…. Have a winning habit.


The Jackal and The Camel


Once a jackal and camel were friends, the jackal being a clever fellow always befooled his friend. One day he told the camel that he knew a field of lemons and if the camel carried him on his back he would show it to him and they both could have a hearty meal. Soon they both were traveling across the river. They entered the field and had a hearty meal. Soon the jackal that was full began to how I. The camel requested the jackal to stop howling or the owners would come and beat him. The jackal said that it was his habit to howl after dinner and he did not stop. The owners came out and the jackal hid in the bushes. The camel was beaten black and blue wit h the long staves. After the farmers had gone the jackal came out and they started the return journey. When the camel reached mid-stream he began to roll drowning the jackal. When the jackal asked him to stop doing that his reply was that he had a habit of rolling in the water after a hearty meal. The cunning jackal drowned.




A fortunate man was told that, if he possess the “touchstone,” its magical power could give him anything he wanted. The touchstone could be found; he was informed, among the pebbles of a certain beach. All he needed was to pick up a stone-if it felt warm to the touch, unlike the other pebbles, he has found the magical touchstone.

The man went immediately to the beach and began picking up stones. When he grasped a pebble that felt could, he threw it into the sea. This practice continued hour after hour, day after day, week after week. Each pebble felt cold. Each pebble was immediately tossed into the sea.

But then, late one morning, he happened to take hold of a pebble, which felt warm, unlike the other stones. The man, Who’s consciousness had barely registered the difference, tossed it into the sea. He hadn’t meant to, he had formed a habit!


Moral of the story:

Habits are the basic cause of mistakes.

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