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If we leave apart few thing such as, scoring 100% percent in exam, extreme of anything is dangerous. Like in food, all ingredients should be in balance quantity to make it delicious; in life also everything must be balanced. Though people think of having as much of good things such as love, money and power as they can. However, excess of money and power also brings evil if one does not know how to handle it wisely. Mostly, it is found that the future generations in family gets spoiled if they are brought-up in extreme affluence and power since birth.

Sometime even the extreme of giving or receiving love also becomes poisonous. A child when does not get balance between love and discipline, will fail to develop a success driven personality. Nature also teaches us that in extremes, life can’t exist. For instance there is, a little life on North or South Pole or in deserts. One should try to create balance in life. Probably Buddha’s middle way was meant to have balance in life and teaches us to avoid extremities.

5 Tips to remain on middle path :
1.Develop an attitude of detachment with things.
2.Reduce expectations in a relationship.
3.Develop a habit of giving.
4.Drop your ego or at least manage your ego effectively.
5.Be more polite and more humble if you have excess of good things.


जरुरत से जादा हुआ, जहरीला अन्जाम।
हद के अंदर बात हो, सदा सुखद परिणाम।।


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