Nectar Of Wisdom

This is a creation out of my passion for making A to Z on any subject and my experience of last 40 years in corporate world. When I make A to Z on any subject I have to stretch my imagination to maximum possible so that I can cover maximum aspect of that subject based on my minimum knowledge.

There may be several qualities in a leader I may have missed out but I am sure, I have covered maximum qualities commonly known in modern day business leaders. I would be delighted to receive your critical feedback.

I thank Ms. Sweta Mor for elaborating the concept and co-authoring the book. I thank my all previous and present bosses, family and friends from who I got insight into leadership. I thank publisher, printer and other people who has helped me in making this book a realty.

Happy reading.

Hemant Lodha
MD- SMS EnvocareLtd.

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