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This tip is more useful when you want to take the path of spirituality. The path of GYANA and BHAKTI start dominating over KARMA. Zen philosophy teaches that live your life like river. Flow with the flow. Reduce resistance. When you flow with flow, there are very less frictions and life moves towards peace and ultimate bliss.

The flip side of this tip is, one can become like a dead log, lack enthusiasm & lack motivation. This can make a man totally dull and dejected. Unless and until desires and wishes are dying down, flow with flow is not possible rather it may give more pain than pleasure. However this tip can be used partially in some role and for some time, particularly when it is better to accept the circumstances and people rather than fight with them. In present era when technology is changing with fast pace and generation gap is reducing, if we do not flow with flow and keep complaining, life will become more painful. It is better to accept changes and flow with flow.

5 Tips to Flow with Flow :
1.Expect nothing; accept every thing.
2.Do not complain.
3.People are not difficult; they are different. Try to understand them.
4.Try to immune yourself from pain and pleasure.
5.Synchronise your thoughts, words and actions.


बहती धारा मे बहो, ले उसकी रफ़्तार।
बिन चाहत बिन माँग के, करते सब स्वीकार।।


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