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I will not say that envy always brings hate but most of the time it does develops a negative feeling towards the person, we envy. Broadly envy can create 2 types of feelings. If you have a positive attitude, then envy can encourage you and motivate you to compete and achieve greater heights than the other person. However, if you have negative attitude then you may withdraw from the game and just develop hatred.

The best way is not to allow the feeling of envy or jealousy to emerge at all. But there are situations in which we develop feeling of envy at a very early stage of life when our parents unknowingly compare us with our siblings and we are forced to compete in studies and sports and expected to be first always. Our parenting system and education system fails to develop the feeling of teamwork. These impressions and experiences become roadblocks in becoming a successful personality. In the present days of industrialization, urbanisation and scientific innovation of various materialistic things, there is a high probability of developing jealousy. However, we need to mould it towards our self development.

5 Tips to deal with feeling of envy
1.Genuinely appreciate others achievements.
2.Be positive about self.
3.Do not allow inferiority complex to set in.
4.Compete with self.
5.Work more enthusiastically to achieve greater heights.


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