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Fight should be the last option and it should be a decision taken with full conscious. As far as possible it should not be opted at all. However, at times it is just not possible to reconcile, in that situation also it is better to opt for cold war.

Fight reduces the strength of both the sides. It destroys mental, emotional and physical strengths. It destroys the peace and entire energy, time and money which otherwise can be utilized or constructive purpose.

Verbal, open and transparent communication is the best way to defuse the fight and reconcile to achieve win-win situation. It is most of the time not easy because vested interest play as negative force but still trying to achieve win-win situation is always better.

5 Tips to avoid fight :
1.Stop communication as soon as you feel that fight is going to erupt. 2.Resume communication on next possible occasion.
3.Use mediator in case it is not possible to reconcile on your own.
4.Some times, let it cool off. Time is biggest healer.
5.Forget and Forgive.


बल शरीर मन अमन का, लड़ कर होता नास।
हाथा-पाई हो नहीं, रखना यही प्रयास।।


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