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Have you ever noticed in a party or in a crowd, that one person has got the capability to ignite the entire atmosphere. When such people walks in, everything is full of life and when they walk out the party feels like a deflated balloon. Such people are full of positive thoughts, energy and have a high level of enthusiasm. In their presence it seems that even a big problem either becomes small or vanish. They ignite enthusiasm in their entire team and an enthusiastic team can move any mountain.

Have you ever wondered what is the secret of such personalities ? Why are they always full of energy ? I think the fact is that they always read the word impossible as i-m-possible. They always carry YES I CAN attitude. They are very quick in finding alternate path in case a problem arises and always maintain their calm. They never get disheartened. They are contagious and fill entire atmosphere with enthusiasm.

5 Tips to maintain enthusiasm all the time :
1.Think positive, talk positive and act positive.
2.Enjoy the present moments, the NOW.
3.Remain cheerful and encourage people to be cheerful.
4.Treat problems as opportunities.
5.Maintain “Yes I can” and “Yes I will” attitude.


ऊर्जामय सबको करे, आये अगर समीप।
दीप एक उत्साह का, और जलाये दीप।।


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