Nectar Of Wisdom

A Choice/Judgement that you make

The best outcome after thinking

A person’s judgment is best when he can forget himself, his reputation and can concentrate only on making the right decision.                                   – Shiv Khera

Be decisive. Usually a wrong decision is better than no decision. The impossible is often the untried.                                                                        – Jim Goodwin

For everything we’ve missed, we gain something; & for everything we gain, we lose something. Either regret or rejoice. Its our choice.

Having choices in life is a privilege, making the right choices is a responsibility.

HALT your decision when you are HUNGRY, ANGRY, LONELY & TIRED.

Lack of decisiveness has caused more failures than lack of intelligence or ability.

Of course, there are times when quitting is the smartest move – when the ship is sinking, it is time to get off.

One who sits between two chairs may easily fall down.           – Russian Proverb

Our decisions decide destiny. Standing in the middle of the road is very dangerous; you get knocked down by the traffic from both sides.

– Margaret Thatcher

Success does not depend on making important decisions quick, it depends on your quick action on important decisions.

The man who insists on seeing with perfect clearness before he decides, never decides.                                                                      – Henri Fredric Amiel

The middle of the road is where the white line is – and that’s the worst place to drive.                                                                                                    – Robert Frost

The tougher decisions are between what’s right and what’s more right.

Think thousand time before taking a decision but never turn back even if you get thousand obstacles.                                                                                    – Hitler 


Those who have one foot in the canoe, and one foot in the boat are going to fall into the river.                                                                           – American Proverb

We are free up to the point of choice; then the choice controls the chooser.

– Mary Crowley

When both intuition and logic agree, you are always right to take action.

When you know what your values are, making decisions becomes easier.

– Glenn Van Ekeren

When you have to face choices, just toss a coin, Not because it settles the question but while the coin is in the air you will know what your heart is hoping for.

Where we are today is the result of choices we made yesterday and where we will be tomorrow depends on choices we make today.


Division of 19 Horses


One rich man owned 19 horses when he died. In his last will and statement he had written that upon his death. Half the horses he owned should go to his only son; one fourth to the village temple and one fifth to the faithful servant. The village elders could not stop scratching their heads. How can they give half of the 19 horse to the son? You can not cut up a horse. They puzzled over this dilemma for more than two weeks and then decided to send for a wise man who was living in a neighboring village. The wise man came riding on his horse and asked the villagers if he could be of any help to them. The village elders told him about the rich man’s last will and statement which stated that half of the (19) horses must be given to his only son, one fourth must go to the temple and one fifth to the faithful servant. The wise man said he would immediately solve their problems without any delay whatsoever. He had the 19 horses placed in a row standing next to one another.

Then he added his own horse as the 20th horse. Now he went about giving half of the 20 horses i.e. ten horses to the son. One fourth of 20- that is 5 horses were given to the temple committee. One fifth of twenty i.e. 4 horses were given the faithful servant. Ten plus five plus four made 19 horses. The remaining 20th horse was his own which he promptly mounted, spoke a few inspiring words, road back home. The villagers were simply dumbfounded, full of disbelief and filled with admiration. And the parting words of the wise man were inscribed in their hearts and minds, which they greatly cherished in their hearts and minds,

which they greatly cherished and passed on to their succeeding generations till today.

Moral of the Story :

Most of the problems can be solved just by a little



what is right, what is wrong

these are our choices

as we move along through the days

of our short simple lives

we make these decisions

that decide our plight

wither to now?

which way shall we choose

another step toward wrong

will it cause any problem?

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