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Dear Readers

I had never been good at memorizing my course material while preparing for graduation and later CA exams. I used to make formula for paragraph headings of long answers and memorize that formula and while writing paper I shall elaborate that formula in paragraphs and full answer in my own language. This method continued in my later life and I started making A to Z on many topics. In that process two books have already been published by me. “A to Z on Entrepreneurship” and “A to Z in Leadership”.

The day we born and till the day we die we are tied with some or other relationship and rather multiple relationships. Mostly the positive people maintain healthy relationship and live with peace and happiness throughout their life but negative people struggle in their relationship and live in stress and unhappiness. After doing thorough research I came out with 26 qualities or characteristics which are needed to maintain healthy relationships whether personal or professional. My co-author Mrs. Sweta Mor Gupta elaborated each characteristic with a small story and detailed material. I am sure readers will enjoy reading it.

I am thankful to my colleagues, friends and family for giving continued learning about the subject. I am also thankful to printer and publisher for this endeavor.

Wish you all happy reading.

Hemant C. Lodha

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