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So far, visitors from 175+countries read 100,000+ pages on my website. When I was going through this report from Google analytics, I realized that most goal oriented people keep a constant eye on some kind of a score. This score may be related to money, work or passion. That score gives a sense of achievement and feeling of success. Many times that score may not make any sense to others but for that person it provides the focus to stay on the path and the drive to achieve more and more and thus move closer to or even surpass the set goals. Just to make it clear, Goal is the final destination one need to arrive at and score is to keep track how far one has reached.

It is important to achieve desired goals but the kind of goals you are pursuing is more important. If you pursue insignificant things in life your success will be mediocre. Effectiveness is more important in life than efficiency. At work, bottom line may be more critical than top line. For marketing executive total value of orders may be more important than total number of orders. For sportsman number of wins may be more important cumulative scores.

5 Tips to pursue right Goal:
1. Find out the most important and critical parameter of your success and performance. Set the worthwhile goals.
2. Set minimum 3 and maximum 5 major targets.
3. Create efficient system to measure and maintain your score.
4. Review your score periodically and if needed reset it.
5. Take the help of experts if needed.

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