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Dr. Atul Gawande in his book “The Checklist Manifesto: How to get things right” has rightly said that collective knowledge on any subject has become so vast in the present era that individuals do not have the ability to deliver it correctly, consistently and securely. Till the 2nd half of 20th century there were more generalists than specialists. In last 50years, the repository of human knowledge has become so vast and varied that one person cannot be a master of all. One needs to choose or one can hope to master any one field. It needs years of dedication to choose and master the field whether it is Math, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Commerce, Arts or any other field.

To complete any task, whether building a high rise tower, producing a film, manufacturing thousands of cars every day, performing life saving operations, making an aircraft, launching rocket to the moon or simply baking a cake; one needs expertise and inputs from multiple sources and everything needs to be coordinated and synchronized properly for a successful endeavor. Meticulous planning, coordination and monitoring have become critical for completing any project within time, in budgeted cost, of required quality and (with) appropriate safety.

A To-Do-List is an important tool for all professionals to schedule, collaborate, coordinate, follow up and monitor tasks and projects. You (may) call it a task list, check list, schedule or agenda. It is an effective tool of control that helps in setting priorities, ensuring execution and eliminating errors. And best part is that it is so simple and un-demanding.

A proper Daily-To-Do -List helps in ensuring that tasks and sub-tasks are completed within time, flawlessly. A daily review and follow up of To-Do-List makes sure that mistakes or goof ups arising out of omission are avoided, plan is well executed and perfection is approached. It also allows quick response when adjustments or modifications are required. In short it is a great tool- a sword and shield combined, that enhances execution and also prevents us from being surprised.

5 Tips on How to make and Follow Daily-To-Do-List:

1. Identify the various agencies/persons/actions required in completing a task/project.

2. Ask all involved parties to make a task list with their subordinates and send it to a co-coordinator.

3. Depending on the level of complexity, use software or manual chart to plot all activities.

4. Each person/group should update and review their Daily-To-Do-List and modify if needed.

5. Use internet or intranet to have widely shared, real time communications among all concerned.

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