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Desire is the mother of all expectations. As a human being it is natural to have expectations from family, friends and colleagues. It is also obvious that other people will have expectations from us. Elimination of expectation is more difficult; hence one needs to learn how to manage expectations. At work place, growth is not possible in absence of expectations.

At professional level relationship is mainly based on give and take principle. If you are a boss, expect as much as possible by keeping in consideration the abilities of a subordinate. If there is a gap in your expectation and achievement then either raise the skill level or reduce your expectations.

At personal level, the relationship is based on giving and sacrifices. Expecting for the benefit of the other party is understandable but expecting for self-benefit will generate pain in case other person fails to fulfill your expectations. The best way is to expect to a minimum extent as that will help you in maintaining peace and happiness.

5 Tips for better management of expectations :
1.Manage personal and professional expectations differently.
2.Reduce the gap between expectations and reality based on capabilities.
3.Drop expectations to save relationship.
4.Do your duty.
5.Allow expectation to grow only if they are giving happiness. If expectations are generating pain, drop them immediately.


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