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Legacy comes by initiating something, which does not end with you. Every man wants to leave behind some thing, which remains even after his death. People like Mahavira, Buddha, Kabir, Einstein, Gandhi and Mother Teresa etc. are few examples who did great work in their life and will be remembered for centuries to come.

Mostly it so happens that we get busy in our day to day life, in making our both ends meet, accumulating wealth, running after materialistic life, but we do not do enough which is worthwhile to be remembered even after 3rd day of our death. Our family remains in grief for little longer. Though one can have thousands of ideas to implement for leaving legacy, however I am narrating 5 most common things one can do.

5 Tips on leaving legacy :
1.Raise, educate and train our children to become fine human beings.
2.Create a monument/ establishment to be used for the benefit of common people.
3.Write a book.
4.Create a sustainable and scalable organization with ethical values and principles.
5.By becoming a star in any field such as films, sports, poetry, art, politics or any profession.


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