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The performance of a team is the sum total of the performance of all its members and speed of the team is the speed of its slowest member. Hence a leader of team has no option but to keep inspiring and motivating each member of the team.

It is bound to happen that mood and performance levels of each member will go through ups and downs everyday. The task of a leader is to track speed of each and every member and encourage them to perform at their optimum level. Find out their weaknesses and train them so that lack of skill does not become a hindrance in overall performance.

The acid test for a leader is to remain cheerful even when going through rough patches. A leader can’t afford to keep his energy level down even for few minutes. Positive thoughts, encouraging words and enthusiastic actions are qualities of effective leaders.

5 Tips about How to inspire teams :
1.You cannot inspire others if you are not motivated.
2.Give more weight age on capitalizing the strengths of the team members.
3.Organize regular training programs for staff, as per training need analysis.
4.Encourage in public and discipline in private.
5.Set goals and keep clarity about what is expected from the team members.


भरा रहे उत्साह से, चपल -चाल हुशियार।
करे प्रभावित टीम को, सही वही सरदार।।



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