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How to align our Mind, Body, Heart and Soul to have a better Self-control.

Before I started writing this blog I was of the opinion that we can control ourselves but not others. However, when my friend questioned how we can have better control on our mind, body,heart and soul then I realized how difficult it is to control ourselves. If we have minimal control on aligning our mind, body, heart and soul then you can imagine how bare minimum control we have on others.

We may have misconception that we are controlling our spouse, our children or our juniors but in reality we control their body or mind for some time due to our position and authority. However, there is no real control on complete being. There are great personalities who have charisma and can control others, if not complete life but some aspect of their life but completely controlling life of others is impossible.

The foremost need is to have alignment of our own mind, body, heart and soul. Body includes senses and feelings. And mind, the intellect. Our senses receive input from external environment and develop feelings. Feelings awaken the consciousness. Intellect helps us to make decisions based on previous experiences, inner feelings and consciousness. Mostly it so happens that our senses, feelings, consciousness and past experiences are not properly aligned. In such case, intellect falls for senses and feelings which are contradictory to our conscious and inner voice.

Geeta has beautifully depicted this in the form of chariot where 5 horses represent 5 senses. A rein of the horses is MANAS (mind). The charioteer is intellect. Passenger is soul. You can imagine that if the mind, body, heart and soul are not in unison, we will be like an uncontrolled chariot. The question is how to have alignment of all these.

5 Tips to have proper alignment of mind, body, heart and soul:
1. To start the journey within. Most of us are after money, power, fame and lust. We cannot have outer journey without inner unity.
2. Have a better control over Body with Yoga and Pranayam.
3. Have a better control over Mind and Intellect by doing regular meditation.
4. Most often we will lose the track; persistence is the key to success on this path.
5. Do not carry past guilt along the journey.

यथा चित्तं तथा वाचो यथा वाचस्तथा क्रियाः।
चित्ते वाचि क्रियायांच साधुनामेक्रूपता॥

अच्छे लोगों के मन में जो बात होती है, वे वही वो बोलते हैं,और ऐसे लोग जो बोलते हैं, वही करते हैं। सज्जन पुरुषों के मन, वचन और कर्म में एकरूपता होती है।

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