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India is one of the many countries which has a culture and tradition to treat guest like God. In Sanskrit ATITHI DEVO BHAVAH means guest is like God. Tourism department of India has adopted this as a tag line and is promoting tourism around this theme.

However over a period of time, due to hectic life of cities and augmentation of materialism, there is a considerable decline in honoring guest. Now days, in most of the houses, guest is treated as a burden. At the same time when we go to someone’s place as guest, we do not follow simple etiquettes of being a guest. Over a period of time focus has been shifted from what I can do for others to what others can do for me.

We have become opportunist hence the people who are useful to us, we treat them well and people who are not useful, seems burden when they come to our home. In present time it may not be possible to treat all guests as God but at least treat them as humans and do not leave your humanity.

5 Tips for treating the Guest :
1.Use your wisdom in differentiating between genuine andunwanted guests.
2.Extend your warm hospitality to genuine guests.
3.In case your work schedule is clashing, make sure they get proper comfort and feeling of home at your place and understand that you are doing your best for them.
4.In case a guest is taking undue advantage of your hospitality, be firm and polite.
5.Never discuss your personal problems in front of your guests unless and until they are close family members or friends.


छोटा-बड़ा न देखिये , जो भी आया द्वार।
देव अतिथि को समझ , करें योग्य सत्कार।।


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