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Think thousand times before making any commitment but once committed, stay committed. Be aware of people who make quick promises. Chances are that they will never fulfill and will find convincing excuses for it. Before making any commitment, ponder upon all consequences. Check your capability, availability of time, and sufficiency of resources, then only commit. Many times, in emotions we commit some thing for life long, and regret it later.

The people who do not complete their task or are very casual about their commitments, can never command respect from their family, friends, co-workers and society. There may be a situation, when due to change in external circumstances, it is impossible to fulfill your commitment or complete the task, sit with other party, explain reasons, convince them and assure them. That will save your reputation from getting tarnished.

5 Tips to handle commitments :
1.Commit when absolutely necessary, however keep performing.
2.Commit less, deliver more.
3.Once committed, stay committed.
4.Keep transparency if it is impossible to meet commitment.
5.Do not falter on commitment just because of financial, time, energy or resources loss.


सोच-समझ कर दीजिये, वचन किसी को आप।
वचन-भंग का बाद में, हो ना पश्चाताप।।


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