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Tattvarthsutra is originally written by Acharya Uma Swami in Sanskrit around AD 2nd century. It has 350 sutra arranged in 10 chapters. Hindi and English translation is done by many scholars and available in print books and online on internet. To understand it in more depth I have translated in simple Hindi Doha. Earlier I have translated Bhagvad Geeta, Astavakra Geeta and  Samansuttam in Hindi Doha. Translation from one language to another can never give 100% understanding of original work so I seek forgiveness for any mistake in doing so.

I express my sincere thanks to Shri Avinash ji Bagade who taught me how to write Doha and also edited each and every Doha in the book.


Jain Hemant Lodha
5th Jan, 2020

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