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If you do not forgive people, they will occupy rent-free space in your mind and heart. I agree that it is easier to say than to implement. Neither it is easy to forgive nor to forget. But if one does not make efforts to forget unnecessary and painful events and forgive our near and dear ones, life is going to be full of worries and stress and it will effect self more than anyone else. It is quite possible that other person might have already forgotten and forgiven and is carrying on his/her life with peace and happiness where as we are spoiling our health and mental state by keeping it in our mind.

To forget and forgive one needs to look and analyze situation impartially. One has to look at the problem and event from other’s point of view. One has to step in the shoes of other party. Every person behaves according to his upbringing, circumstances and experiences. One needs to understand why the person is behaving the way, which is totally opposite from your expectations. One needs to analyze self behavior also impartially as to whether I have behaved and acted rationally or not? It is quite possible that, we have acted out of emotions and without giving proper thoughts.
5 Tips to Forget and Forgive :
1.Give more importance to relationship.
2.Take a long-term perspective.
3.Develop wisdom to drop your ego.
4.Give a benefit of lack of wisdom to other party.
5.Communicate to reduce and remove misunderstandings.


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