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We can’t shape any metal be it iron, silver or gold, if we do not make it flexible first. Once the shape is given and flexibility is removed, you can’t give any other shape unless you break it, melt it and re-mould it. Just imagine if we do not have proper joints and flexibility in our body, we will not be able to live even for a day. The moment we die our body starts becoming stiff and there is no option but to bury it.

In life also if we do not keep our behavior and attitude flexible, we will not be acceptable in our family, friends, work and society. If we keep our thoughts and opinion firm, with no scope to consider others view, people will start maintaining distance from us. It does not mean that we become spineless. We need to have our own conviction but do not disrespect the beliefs of other. Many a times situations arise where you strongly feel that you are right and the party is irrational. In such a scenario, it is always best to try understand from their point of view by putting yourself in their shoes.

5 Tips to develop flexibility in Attitude :
1.Do not keep an attitude of I AM OK, YOU ARE NOT OK.Develop an attitude of I AM OK, YOU ARE OK.
2.Listen first. The empathy towards other will make you flexible and acceptable.
3.Respect the differences in personality.
4.Learn to let go the matters, which are not very important.
5.Relationship is more important than your convictions.


कायम रह निज सोच पर ,सब का करे विचार।
सदा लचीलापन रहे , दुनिया में स्वीकार।।


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