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In my opinion we must discourage everyone to use the word FAILURE. The word failure has been used so negatively in day-to-day life that it can’t do any thing better than to demean and demotivate someone. Failure is basically not getting success in that attempt, which can be better defined as experience. Thomas Edison did not get success 999 times before developing a bulb, but he learned 999 ways of how not to make a bulb.

In professional life, failing actually means accumulating experiences. The best example of learning from failure is Abraham Lincoln. When we start calling failures as experiences,we will not get demotivated and never feel down. We will start again with new experience and new zeal. Instead of asking how and why you have failed, ask how your experiences were and what is going to be your next plan. Failures are best lessons and strong foundation stones on which a palace of success can be built.


5 Tips to handle failure effectively:
1.Smile on the face of failure.
2.Do not allow your enthusiasm to die.
3.Analyse reasons for failure.
4.Start again with new a strategy.
5.Do not blame others for your failures.


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