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Mostly people have the habit of giving excuses, which works like a roadblock or a speed-breaker for the success. I would like to divide excuses in 3 categories. First is self justifying excuses, second is non-committal excuses and third is failure justifying excuses. When a person has very low confidence then he/she will keep on giving logics, reasons and excuses to self as to why he/she is not able to do a particular task. Such type of people are expert in killing their own initiative.

Second category of excuser, are those who have the ability to do the task but have high degree of fear of failure. They are ready to work but before starting they will express their doubt about success of that particular task. They would like to protect themselves from taking any blame in case failure occurs.

Then third category, there are people who will start the job with full confidence but in case failure occurs, rather than finding fault in self, they try to come up with excuses and put blame on someone else or circumstances. Such people can never learn from failures and their chance of future success reduces.

5 Tips to eliminate excuses :
1.Deeply analyse excuses before expressing.
2.Develop positive attitude within.
3.Do not blame others.
4.Develop the attitude of ” I CAN”and “I WILL”.
5.Differentiate between facts & excuses and deal accordingly.


किंचित, किन्तु, परन्तु का, अच्छा नहीं प्रयोग।
प्रगति में ये शब्द करे, नकारात्मक योग।।


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