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In modern era, stress is inevitable. Due to urbanization and industrialization, needs are increasing every day. It is not easy to reduce desires and expectations. Competition and comparison is so high that even if you do not want to do it, one family member may compel you to compare and compete. Unfulfilled desires and expectations simply lead to increasing stress levels.

There are 2 types of stress. Positive and Negative. Positive stress leads to progress whereas negative stress affects physical and mental health. Progress in any field even in spirituality, is not possible if certain amount of stress is not there.Mahavira, Buddha, Christ, Mohammad, Gandhi and Mother Teresa all went through positive stress and achieved highest level of their purpose. Process of building stress, start with our senses. Senses feel and mind starts thinking and generates desires and expectations. Desires generate attachment, unfulfilment of which leads to anger. When anger starts, intellect stops working and that leads to deterioration of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health of a person.

5 Tips to deal with Negative stress :
1.Discriminate between negative and positive stress and meditate to remove negative stress.
2.Main reason for stress is fear of failure, fear of losing possessions and greed for getting undeserved, Face the fear and eliminate greed.
3.Learn to let go. People and things are temporary in our life. They play their role and move on. Do not remain attach to them.
4.Reduce the expectations. Expectation is root cause of all sufferings.
5.Think positive and act decisive.


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