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I know many people who do not talk to their near and dear ones in family because they got hurt in past for silly reasons and now they are waiting for the other party to apologise and take first step. They keep presuming all negative things about each other and build an imaginary wall of hatred.

This often happens in professional relationship also. Ego totally destroys teamwork and performance of both the groups and affects negatively to those who are involved in it.

Though it is true that if any one takes initiative to solve the dead lock by initiating communication that is considered his/her weak point, still initiating communication is the best way to save the relationship. Egoist people radiate negative energy and their aura shrinks.

5 Tips to deal with Ego:
1.Differentiate between ego and self-respect.
2.When it is a matter of close relationship, drop the ego and initiate communication.
3.Be more humble as you rise higher.
4.Let the organisational goals take priority over ego.
5.When you walk on the path of spirituality, ego reduces.


हरे भरे पीले पड़े, संबंधों के झाड़।
नहीं पनपने दीजिये, कभी अहं की बाड़।।


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