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Dear Readers,

I am delighted to see my the business concept I have developed over last 38 years after reading 1000s of books on management and leadership and working in national and international corporates, has finally taken shape in form of book written by Dr. Ashutosh Paturkar. As we know that this entire universe is made up of five elements (fire, water, air, matter and space), I always had a inclination that there is something common among all organisation for creation, growth and sustainability. After developing this modal somewhere on 1998, I have applied its applicability in many organisation and found that it is complete in all respect and developed a faith that any organisation if they work as per this modal or framework, they are bound to have sustainable growth and excellence in operations of any organisation.

Once the business vision is finalised every organisation is looking for 3Qs. Quality in product and services, quickness in all processes and quantity in sales or deliveries to maximise profit and reduce per unit cost. These 3Qs are goal for any business or organisation. Now question arises how to achieve these 3Qs. The answer I found in 5 elements  (3S+2R) and these are having right and effective Strategy in each and every function, robust and competent Structure of organisation, efficient Systems in the organisation, trust based Relationship among all stakeholders and optimum utilisation of all available Resources.

Dr. Ashutosh Paturkar has developed the modal diligently and written the book elaborately. I congratulate Dr. Ashutosh Paturkar for wonderful creation which will be useful for business leaders as well as management students.

CA Hemant Lodha
Managing Director
SMS Envocare Ltd.
Nagpur 440001
Date: 12th June, 2020

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